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- I am nice, don't you think so? *come on, your grade in maths depends on this answer. Are you still thinking? I always knew that there's no good to make good things * :-P
The worst day ever...
My boyfriend is somewhere really far away having fun with his friends. And I get mad at him for every wrong word he says.
I talk to strangers on Skype, and I get THEM mad *I get mad some strangers, aha*)) Am I a bitch or what?
I just want to be with someone, to have fun, it's so boring here...
P.S. Niko arrived safely to London, and he is so excited)) He has already met the family and he likes them)) I am SO happy for him, I love him))
Good luck to everyone, I am going to continue becoming stupid and dull...

2011-07-08 в 15:03 

Loire [DELETED user]
Теперь то ты понимаешь, что худший день был вчера...)


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